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vacaciones todo incluido, entra y gana un paseo para seis

Centro Turistico de Golf Bajamar This beautiful seaside course has holes reminiscent of Pebble Beach, and should not be missed. 5 Horas $62-94
Pesca Turistica - Bahia de Santo Tomas Aboard the Morgan James, Ensenada’s finest charter, experience the real adventure of fishing off the best shores of Baja. Catch rock cod, salmon, grouper, and yellow tail when in season. 8 Horas $ 550
Pesca Deportiva - Arrecife Santo Tomas Aboard the Morgan James, Ensenada’s finest charter, spend the day off the shores of Santo Tomas Reef pulling in rock cod, yellow tail, bonita and barracuda when in season. 10 Horas $800
Pesca Deportiva - Sport Fishing Charter - Gama Larga Fuera Costa Aboard the Morgan James, Ensenada’s finest charter, venture up to 60 miles off-shore to grab bluefin tuna, yellowfin tuna, yellowtail, dorado, and, albacore. 13.5 Horas $1200
Pesca con Harpon Experience the adventure of Harpoon fishing. Transportation and lunch is included. 2 Horas $100
Tour en Kayak
a La Bufadora
Paddle your way to witnessing one of Baja California's most amazing natural wonders, La Bufadora or "The Blowhole." 3 Horas $55
Buceo con escafandra Mar adentro Transportation will be provided by boat to explore the underwater world of Bahia Todos Santos. Lunch, transportation, and full diving equipment are provided. 4 Horas $ 140
Buceo con escafandra desde la Playa Enter the sea from the beaches of Ensenada to explore the underwater world of Bahia Todos Santos. Lunch, transportation, and full diving equipment are provided. 4 Horas $ 110
Paseo a Montaña en Moto Todo Terreno ATV Motorcycle tour in the mountains, coming back at Mirador and a ride into town down First Street. Only one person per motorcycle. 2 Horas $ 90
Viaje por la Playa en Moto Todo Terreno ATV ATV tour through the sand dunes of Ensenada Beach, First Street and Mirador. 2 Horas $ 65
Tour en pista de la Carrera Baja 1000 Have a once in a lifetime thrill on sections of the actual Baja 1000 course of 2008. (this is a special tour by advanced booking only, 6 person minimum) 10 Horas $ call
Aventura Fuera de Carretera en Mini Jeep Be prepared to get dusty and dirty as you explore the foothills of the Sierra Madre Mountains on this exciting Mini Jeep adventure. 4 Horas $$
Tour Aventura en Jeep Wrangler Explore Ensenada’s scenic countryside in a Jeep Wrangler. 3.5 Horas $$
Tour Aventura y Campo de Vino en Moto Todo Terreno ATV Be a real road warrior and a wine connoisseur for a day! Explore Valle de Guadalupe vineyards and wineries with a personal guide on an ATV or motorcycle. 4 Horas $65
Tour de la ciudad y Fiesta Mexicana Get a true experience of the lively culture that is Mexico on this traditional excursion. 3 Horas $52
Una prueba del sabor de Mexico! Spice up your skills by learning the secrets of cooking authentic Mexican cuisine with your family and friends at Cinco Sabores Restaurante. 3 Horas $ 35
Tour Historico See the Historical locations of Ensenada such as ………   $
Wine Country Tour Journey just a few miles northeast of Ensenada to Guadalupe Valley and tour the Mexican Wine Country with your personal Wine Country Concierge, Steve Dryden. 6 Horas $ 50
'La Bufadora' -
Blow Hole Tour
Take this chance to tour one of the major attractions in Ensenada. La Bufadora is a natural spout that shoots sea spray high into the air.    
Blow Hole & Winery Tour The amazing La Bufadora and beautiful Bodegas de Santo Tomas have been paired to create an unforgettable excursion. 8 Horas $ 80
Tour de Compras por la Ciudad Take a tour of Ensenada, the genuine Mexican City that has not totally succumbed to the trappings of tourism. 3 Horas  
Studios Fox Witness the transformation of ideas, imagination, and reality into multi-million dollar movies at Fox Studios. 6 Horas  
Montar a caballo por la playa

Have a relaxed journey along the beautiful beaches of Ensenada’s Todos Santos Bay, away from crowded places and traffic; just you and nature.

Ruta Baja Bandidos montado a caballo What better way to enjoy your day than on a scenic trail ride by horseback with magnificent views of the Salsipueded Bay, Todos Santos Islands and the Gold Coast! 3 Horas $ 62


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